Round up: Insights into the the Future of Digital Experiences

The only thing constant is change. And honestly, who can keep up? It’s a lot of work to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing trends and get ahead on what’s coming next.

Nothing to fear! We’re here to help!

So grab a drink, sit back, relax, and let us show you some of our favorite articles over the past month that give some insight into the evolution of our industry.

Schaefer Marketing Solutions recently released a smart article about the evolution of digital marketing from utility into immersion. They discuss the previous three digital revolutions and what may be coming up next on the horizon. Beginning in the late 1990s with the dawn of the web, the first digital revolution focused on presence. The main concern was getting a website established, desperate to be seen by any visitors.

The second revolution came with overflow of websites and the need to be discovered. With the challenge of standing out among the millions of others, the first page of Google results was all that mattered.

The third revolution began just four short years ago. It wasn’t enough to just have a website to promote your product or service. With social media and mobile technology came the consumer’s need for usefulness. Websites now have to offer something to the visitor that serves and answers some valuable purpose or need.

What comes next? Schaefer believes that the fourth revolution is immersion. Our society has grown so attached to our mobile devices that we now look for entertainment at our fingertips 24/7. It’s no longer about simply answering the visitor’s questions, but about how fun and creative you can make it for them to find out the answers, so much so that they want to become immersed.

“But there is virtually no limit to a person’s desire to have fun […] I think the winners in the next revolution will be creating fun, immersive experiences on a daily basis for their customers. Like every other marketing phase, early adopters will flourish and those late to the game will struggle.”

Danny Flamberg also adds his two cents, pondering the important question of whether or not websites are now obsolete, pointing out “Consumers now engage and interact with mobile apps, social networks, text messages, email and dynamically loaded loyalty cards much more than they do brand websites.”

With a brief history of web usage and trends, Flamberg sums up today’s current reality, “… websites are no longer a sole or even principle destination. Rather they are an element in an evoking brand ecosystem structured to engage customers over time and achieve measurable business goals. Marketers have to discern what customers want and how they want it and then decide what kind of experience they want to offer. The design and array of digital assets requires an understanding of customer needs and a data-driven customer engagement strategy.”

The focus, as always, must be on the customer, as they are now in control of their engagement with your brand. It’s a new revolution of engagement and usefulness. Cheers to the future of digital marketing!

Now put that drink down. You’ve got digital marketing work to do!


Curious on what the next phase of digital marketing looks like? See for yourself how marketing apps are headlining the immersion revolution.

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