Santa’s Naughty and Nice List of Content Marketing

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Santa’s naughty and nice list of content marketing!

Alright, we may not be your true love but sure hope we jump up a few spots in the running for favorite after this. It’s December. Yes, December. Get ready to put a cork in 2014!

So for the 12 days of Christmas, we thought we could give you the 12 naughty and nice practices of content marketing.


1. Creating a flood of content with no insight. Do you just create a flood of content with no insight just to create content? Just because you push out blog post after blog post doesn’t mean that you’re improving your content strategy. Don’t create just to create.

2. Bait & switch. Wouldn’t it be horrible to open a present thinking it’s what you’ve been waiting for just to get a piece of coal? No one wants that, especially not your audience.

3. Too many frills and animations. Christmas lights may add some fun to everyone’s decorations. But don’t be that neighbor that has so many lights timed to music that you can barely see the house. Too many frills and animations can pull from what’s important.

4. Only share your own content. We get it. Your content is awesome. But share the love! Sharing other brand’s content can show that you are immersed in the industry and, in addition, play nice with others!

5. Selling & self promoting. And sometime your product or service is just too incredible not to want to shout it from the rooftops. But there is a fine line between sharing your story and self promoting. Tread lightly.

6. Passive content & no dialog. Passive content is here. It’s not leaving anytime soon. I mean, take a look, you’re reading a passive content piece on the blog now. But what’s important is to create a marriage between passive and interactive content. Without having a true conversation with your visitors, how will you know what they want and are looking to find?


7. Measure & analyze your efforts. Take a minute and analyze your content. Understand what your audience wants, what they read, what they share, and create your content strategy with that in mind.

8. Align topics with your audience’s interests. And certainly retain the message match. Your audience wants to open their present and see what they’ve asked for all year!

9. Create meaningful engagement & interactivity. Add an animation to a button you want the visitor to click. Or make the content you want the visitor to pay attention to stand out more with some simple animated additions.

10. Make your content shareable for others & share others’ content too. Adding a small Twitter or Facebook button to an interactive content experience can spark visitor shares. But first, make sure the content you have is something that others can digest easily and WANT to share.

11. Be transparent & tell a story. Best way to tell your story is to be transparent. Let your visitors in. The more they can feel like they know your brand personally, the more they will look to you for solutions.

12. Build a conversation & become a resource. Listen to your visitors and react accordingly. The more you adjust to the wants and needs of your audience, the more they will see you as a trusted resource in the industry.

Don’t end up on Santa’s naughty list of content marketing this year!

Make your interactive content light up bright this holiday season and be a gift to your visitors year round.


Not sure where to begin on your quest to be on Santa’s nice list this year for content marketing? Looking to avoid that lump of coal in your stocking? Well, have we got an early holiday present for you! Check out our guide to creating engaging, visual experiences using the content you already have lying around. Let us take the stress out of your holiday content planning and begin your interactive content marketing journey today!

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