Sealed With a (Digital) Kiss: Spreading a Little Love Through Content Marketing

When I was a teenger, I remember writing tons and tons of notes to my friends during school.  They were filled with nonsensical girly stuff about the boy du jour, goomies, scrunchies and other stuff I’m probably aging myself with.  

They were also craftily folded into a shape I’m sure I couldn’t replicate now.

And it was almost always finished off with a S.W.A.K. Or for you non-note passing newbies – Sealed With A Kiss.

And if you were really good, it had a perfectly pursed set of stained lip prints right over it.

So, you can imagine the nostalgia that filled my head when I saw Burberry’s Kisses campaign.  As part of the marketing team for ion, I am constantly on the hunt for really cool marketing apps out there in the wild.  And this one is a digital marketing gem!

The premise is to send kisses anywhere you want in the world.  A little virtual smooch (or full on make out situation if you’re into that sort of thing). And this marketing app is a perfect of example of what we mean when we say you need to tell a story…to create an experience.

Immediately you are drawn in with soft romantic visuals, gentle music, and an overall seductive environment.  I’m telling you, it has a welcoming, calming effect, which is awesome since Vodka is frowned upon in the workplace.

You are prompted to select your lipstick color and can either stick with that (there’s my obligatory pun), or you can pucker up for a photo using your webcam and add a little more of a personal element.

While all of that is super cool and interactive, the real magic is the vignette that’s painted as your kiss is being sent across the globe.  

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t send my kisses on a romantically-fueled escapade across several countries or continents.  I sent mine right over the wall to my cube mate (It’s what we call a little QA).  And you know what?  Burberry even managed to turn that simple transaction into a beautiful story.

I watched my SWAKed envelope virtually drift through the sky, down palm tree lined streets (I’m in Florida so that was a nice touch of personalization), through the billowing clouds until it landed about 4 feet away.  

So well done, such nice imagery and audio, and a great representation of how you can take something so seemingly small, and make it a big deal.  Something that sticks with the people who experience it, like the lipstick sticks to the envelope.

Well done Burberry.  Killed it with Kisses for sure!

Let experiences like this one from Burberry spark up your imagination. Start creating personalized, interactive experiences for your audience and generate engagement. Need some more inspiration for how to improve brand engagement through interactivity and usefulness? Check out our interactive digital guide now and see for yourself how you can transform your buyer’s journey.

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