Serve Up Some Tasty Content Marketing

After hours and hours of watching the Food Network, I finally did it. I finally figured out a recipe I could write. Forget the numerous times I’ve burned something or the embarrassing number of times I’ve forgot to add an ingredient. This girl can’t cook. But she sure can write an incredible recipe.

A recipe for a tasty, delicious, mouth-watering dish of…

Content Marketing.

Hey people. We might talk about food often but this isn’t the Food Network blog. What did you expect?

Anyway, now that I got you craving some finger-licking good content marketing, let me give you the recipe for how to make your own homemade version.

First thing, you’ll want to do is prep your ingredients and make sure you have the perfect amount of each. A little extra of each won’t hurt either.


  • 1 part useful information
  • 1 part written content
  • 1 part vivid imagery
  • 2 parts engagement
  • 2 parts interactivity
  • 2 parts buyer education
  • 1 part buyer relationship

You’ve got those? Alright great. Now for the fun stuff. Let’s get to cooking.

Cooking Directions:

Warm up the 1 part useful information. Not sure if you have enough? Brainstorm. Get to thinking. Ask your neighbors over on the sales team for what consumers are craving. They might have a cup of useful information to lend you. Either way, gather all the useful information you have and warm it up.

Once you’ve got that going, start mixing it into your 1 part written content. Throw some of the facts and tips into the brand’s story to make the written content even more flavorful. Spice the content up with your 1 part vivid imagery. Add depth to that written content with spices like photos and videos to give more insight to your brand’s story.

Mix equal parts interactivity and engagement until thoroughly blended. Fold the mixture into the blend of content and imagery lightly, as to not flatten the engagement and interactivity. Your consumers wants fluffy, bold, flavorful content with large thick swirls of interactivity so be sure to incorporate a lot of it. The more interactivity, the more your consumers will gobble that content marketing down. Not sure where you can get some inspiration for creating the engagement and interactivity mixture? Check out some ideas here!

Now that you’ve got your base, cook it up dowsed in your 2 parts buyer education. This is like the icing on the cake. That buyer education will bring everything together as one incredible dish.

Once your happy with the consistency, temperature and color, serve it up with the 1 part buyer relationship and marvel at the incredible content marketing you just served up!

Your visitors will not only be salivating over your content, but will be asking for seconds! Spice up your cooking with the four key spices to the world’s best dish of content marketing: imagery, interactivity, engagement, and education.

Now get to cooking!

Want some more content marketing recipes that will be sure to liven up any dinner party… excuse me, I mean digital experience? Register now for our interactive content cookbook to Cutting Through the Clutter by Activating your Content and discover how you can create app-like, interactive, engaging experiences with content you’ve already got sitting in your “cupboards.”

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