Serving Up a Gorgeous & Interactive Digital Lunch Through Digital Storytelling

I grew up in South Florida and went to public school from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Every school had a cafeteria serving up delicious cuisine du jour. Culinary masterpieces that rivaled the best restaurants in Miami.

Just kidding. It sucked.

It slightly resembled food, but you would not be caught dead eating it.  It was bad enough to sit in the cafeteria that always seemed to have a questionable smell. But to eat unidentifiable slop in varying colors with a side of something fried – not sure what exactly but something? Nope! Not gonna do it!

This girl brown bagged it with sandwiches sans crust and some treats lovingly snuck in there by mom.  Until high school allowed for off campus lunch where we definitely ate food that was not healthy, but probably at least a step up from what was being slung in the cafeteria.

And now, finally, there are movements all over the world to lobby for healthier lunch options for our children. As a mother with a child entering kindergarten this fall, this topic takes on even more meaning for me.  Hopefully she’ll never have to see a sloppy joe with a side of pathetic barely green, green beans. Ever.

So, when we recently stumbled upon Ideo: A Cafeteria Designed for Me, we were blown away.  From a concept standpoint, but also because it’s a visually stunning digital experience. I mean, it really is breathtaking.  (I’ve been pegged with being a little dramatic, but I’m telling you, this is the bees knees!)

It’s the perfect blend of digital storytelling, fact and interactivity.  It has a seamless flow and ties everything together in a perfect little digital experience package.  The most differentiated part is that while it’s super cool from a technology standpoint, they did it without sacrificing a human element.  And a good digital storyteller can do just that.  Because let’s be honest – sometimes tech can make things a little icy.

Ok fine, not that icy, more like a chill.

And here’s how they accomplished it:


Nostaligia – Check!

Painting a vivid visual – Check!

Idealism – Check!

Stats & Facts – Check!

Real stories – Check!

Engaging as heck – CHECK CHECK CHECK!

You cannot deny that its digital experiences like this that draw you in, that ooze passion, that make an impact…if you have a pulse. If you don’t you should probably seek medical attention stat. Seriously.

Seeing examples like this get us completely fired up about what we are helping our own customers do with marketing apps and adding that incredible interactivity to their own digital experiences.  Fired up like Tom Cruise.  But in Jerry Macguire where he enthusiastically starts recruiting people to join him in his latest venture and later yells “Show Me The Money” for Cuba Gooding Jr. Not the Tom Cruise who lost his cookies and engaged in couch jumping on Oprah professing his undying love for Katie Holmes.

So, who’s coming with us???? To enhance their digital experience. To wow customers with gorgeous stuff on the web? Are you in?

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