The Infographic Guide to Choosing a Halloween Costume

Have you decided yet what you want to be for Halloween? With so many options, we won’t blame you if you just can’t make up your mind. Still, Halloween is less than two weeks away. No pressure! The good news is, we’ve got some visual help for your costume search. The five infographics may inspire your Halloween costume, or at least help you make a decision. 1. Often, a successful Halloween costume reflects the personality of the person wearing it. The handy infographic below will help you discover your Halloween Alter Ego, which should give you some great costume ideas.

  2. If you consider yourself a nerd, the Nerd’s Guide to a Successful Party Costume should help you identify what works best for you based on your appearance. You know, wearing glasses, having a thin build, large ears… stereotypical stuff like that.

Nerd Costume Guide

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  3. Alternatively, you could use favorite Halloween costumes from years past as inspiration for Halloween 2012. Here are some Pop Culture Favorites from the past five years:

Halloween Costumes: Pop Culture Favorites

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  4. If you’re not comfortable with becoming the center of attention at the Halloween party or parade you’re attending, you may want to choose a costume that is more in line with what others will wear. This infographic was created based on Google search trends.

Most Searched For Halloween Costumes

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  5. Last but not least, history buffs could take inspiration for their Halloween costumes from… well, history, with A Costume for Every Era:

Aleks Todorova is the Editorial Director at Visually. She is already working on assembling her DIY Halloween costume and will be sure to upload a photo on Twitter. Follow her for an update.

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