The Intertwining of Technology and Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

I’ll admit it. First thing I do in the morning is reach for my cell phone. Before I get out of bed, before I wake up my daughter, before I brush my teeth. And I have a routine that melds my personal and professional motivations as I navigate through different apps. From checking my sleep pattern on my FitBit app, to quickly browsing emails and texts, to a little Facebook action (guilty!), technology has invaded my day — and it’s only 6am. Then I get to work and before I’m even fully sitting down, I’m already checking email, HipChat, Trello, Kapost, Twitter and a whole bevy of other spots where I have some sort of footprint.

There is no denying it. Technology is omnipresent. It crosses personal and professional lines and has us all connected to something bigger than us at any given point in the day. And you know what? It’s awesome.

In my career, I have seen the role of marketing change firsthand at a dramatically rapid pace. I have watched clients both resist and embrace. I’ve watched some jump on the bandwagon every time a new social tool hits the scene, and others hide in a proverbial corner hoping it’s a fleeting trend. But what have the smartest ones done? They have found a way to make all of these new technologies work for them. They understand that technology is not a trend and is only going to grow, picking up more steam as it goes. Tech and marketing do have some common threads that make them well suited to grow together — they are both dynamic, highly personal, and if used effectively can have tremendous impact on your business.

In your career, one of the most important measures of professional success is the ability to see beyond your company, beyond your individual role. No matter how revolutionary your widget, or how cutting-edge your service, it’s crucial to understand the big picture — the market you live in. It’s not always easy! But if you want to remain sharp, savvy and influential in your respective space, it’s a must.

 (If you don’t like overt bragging, skip this next paragraph.)

At ion, we are surrounded by smart, innovative and driven people who always think about the big picture. Scott Brinker, co-founder, president and CTO is constantly looking for avenues to start conversations about what’s going on in the market and how we can learn and benefit from it. His latest ebook “A NEW BRAND OF MARKETING: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline” is a perfect example.


Marketing, and all of the things that fall under it, have undergone tremendous change in terms of the role it plays in the business landscape. It used to be viewed as a “luxury” in the overall business plan, but as customers are becoming more vigilant and technology seeps into every nook and cranny of business — marketing has become a solid fixture within any successful roadmap.

 In his book, Brinker explores the two massive shifts that are changing the face of marketing:

  • How marketing is taking over the business
  • How technology is taking over marketing

You can download a free copy of the brief 40-page book to see Brinker explain how “marketing has become a technology-powered discipline.”

Technology and marketing are going to continue to work in tandem and affect all of us on a personal and professional level. So embrace your inner technophile and roll with it!


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