The Missing Link Between SEO and Content

Oh, King Content.

We’ve all heard the “Content is King” spiel a thousand times.

But how can content be king if so few actually find it and fewer still actually read it?

In order to be relevant, content needs to matter and has to have relevance, of course. It can’t be garbage content. But it also needs to be found.

That’s where SEO and content need to intersect, and that’s a critical topic we’ll be addressing in our upcoming webinar with Search Engine Journal.

I’m a content marketer and I don’t want to just spin my wheels creating amazing content if I don’t think it will actually reach any readership.

If you believe you are creating legitimate, valuable, reasonable content but don’t have the hope it will actually reach a reading audience, then doesn’t it all seem kind of fruitless and wasteful?

Well, we’ve got a couple of people on board to help you out. Join our product marketing lead Corinne Schmid and customer development genius Christopher Hart as they take a deep dive into the relationship between SEO and content in Boost Your Content Reach and Engagement: Why, Where, When & How, an upcoming webinar presented by Search Engine Journal itself.

Is your content actually reaching its audience? And, if not, why are you spending time and money creating it? Join our presentation to sort it all out.

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