The Next Generation of Landing Pages is Here [Webinar Recap]

In today’s world of static landing pages, a typical user journey can be very pass or fail—you convert or you don’t. So what happens after the user fills out the form? When they download the asset, do you know what about it resonates with them?

Unfortunately, with just some copy and a form, you as the marketer won’t know much more other than that they downloaded your static asset. However, if you tuned in last week to our Next Generation Landing Pages webinar, you know landing pages are changing for the better. This generation of interactive landing pages helps you not only provide a more useful user experience with your landing page, but helps you learn along the way and make educated decisions about optimization to help you increase conversations. It’s time to say goodbye to boring, static landing pages and start engaging your audience with more interactive elements.

This is our week to be extra thankful, and as content marketers, we’re pretty darn thankful for the insights we can gain from interactive landing pages.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, don’t you worry. We’ll get you all caught up now (and you can also watch the webinar recording here).

I was thrilled to be able to share my top five trends that we at ion frequently mix and match to create more engaging user experiences, while at the same time opening up a whole new world of data about user behavior to help test, optimize and drive more conversions.

Our mantra: Encourage content marketers to start small, get creative while holding true to current landing page best practices, and test, test, TEST!

I hope our latest webinar inspires you to do just that. Take a look at the highlights below, and feel free to watch the recording to take your landing pages into the next generation.


Microinteractions are interactivity points within your landing page experience that allow for meaningful engagement with your visitor through the use of animations, quizzes, and other designer elements. Take quiz questions for example—these are a great way to surface a key point or statistic and allow users to engage deeply with that content in a fun and exciting way.

Want to use a combination of microinteractions? Create an infographic-style landing page to surface a highlight reel of content to help users see the value in filling out your form.

Be Useful

You can gain trust from your visitors by providing value with your landing page, before they even convert. Experiences like solution finders and FAQs allow your visitors to learn or discover a solution for the problem they are trying to solve. That way, the ready visitors can jump right into filling out the form, while the visitors that are still researching can take a bit more time to explore and learn instead of bouncing. Because of these interactions, providing an assessment or solution finder for your visitors to participate in can help you create a landing page that works well for multiple stages of the funnel.

  Click the image to explore the Solution Finder experience.
Click the image to explore the Solution Finder experience.

Show, Don’t Tell

While this concept was originally used as a writing technique, it can be applied really well to landing pages. Aim to showcase the value of a product or service through the use of video, product tours, and other multi-media rather than simply listing out the benefits and features. 91% of buyers prefer more interactive or visual content that can be accessed on demand, and that’s because we’re just too busy nowadays. If we have the chance to press play on a video in the corner of our screen on our own time (and while also trying to finish a project), it’s the best of both worlds: we’ll absorb information while not losing a minute of our day.

Another great experience that you can use is the product tour. This allows your visitor to set expectations with your product or service and to feel educated on what your offerings are. Pair this with video, and they come together in your landing page to effectively utilize the trend of “show, don’t tell” to help you better convert your users.

  Click the image to explore the Product Tour experience.
Click the image to explore the Product Tour experience.


In 2018, personalization will be so much more than just dynamic headlines. This trend will go far this next year as people begin to use innovative ways to personalize their online experiences. We know 78% of consumers will trust your brand if you begin to create more customized content.

Take the power of segmentation for example. A visitor can land on your page and get lost in content that may not even be relevant to them. They can feel misled and bounce… if you have no segmentation in place. Segmentation allows for your visitor to choose what is most relevant to them and what they want to see. It lands the most important content right in front of their face so they can’t miss it, keeping them from bouncing.

  Click the image to explore the Segmentation experience.
Click the image to explore the Segmentation experience.

And not only does personalization like this help the user, but it helps you as the marketer learn about your audience by putting them in the driver seat of the content they are served up with.


Gamification within your landing page is the process of turning that experience or form into a game or something that may resemble a game. Breaking down that barrier between human and screen allows your visitor to have more fun, feel at ease, and generally have more trust in you as a brand. With a bit of sense of humor and fun, your visitors will start to think of your brand as a trusted advisor and less as a “company.”

One type of gamification we use at ion a lot are visual choice sets. These allow the visitors to click on an image that best corresponds with the answer they are giving. This creates a more approachable and fun experience for the visitor, while they almost forget that they are even filling out a form or interacting with something like a quiz.

Don’t Forget About The Thank You Page

And don’t neglect your Thank You page. You can add some high-impact interactive elements on this page and take the experience that much further. Give that Thank You page some extra TLC. Utilizing some of the trends we covered allows that Thank You page to add more value and helps users continue to engage with your brand.

  Click the image to explore the interactive experience and Thank You page.
Click the image to explore the interactive experience and Thank You page.

It’s time to break the mold of the static landing page and welcome the next generation of interactive landing experiences! Remember, start small with these trends and test, test, TEST to see what works best for your audience. Don’t forget to stay true to the best practices we know and love, and embrace these trans as an additional layer of usefulness and value to your landing page. Doing so will allow you to provide a great and engaging user experience, while at the same time learning about what users are interested in and to help drive optimization and conversion for your landing page program.

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