Three Ways Interactive Content for Sales Enablement Transforms Business Results

Let me take you back a few years. ion was charging head-first into the interactive content space, and we were excited to see how it could impact our content marketing results, as well as the results of our customers’ content marketing. However, I didn’t realize at the time just how many different ways it could impact business results.

Interactive content was an obvious answer to solving some of marketers’ top challenges around lead generation and engagement. I am still amazed today at the results interactive content is providing for businesses around the world, and the great experiences it is providing for the customers of those businesses.

What I did not immediately foresee was how interactive content would impact not just Marketing organizations, but also functions like Human Resources and Sales.

We recently presented a webinar that focused on the Three Pillars of Interactive Content for Sales Enablement, and it was really a refreshing take on content.

Employee engagement is a big focus of HR departments in the enterprise category. It is quite tricky to keep a workforce of thousands—let alone hundreds of thousands—engaged. As well, as HR departments are in competition for the best talent, it has been interesting to see how companies have used interactive content to distribute its message to employees and engage potential hires in a way that differentiates them from their hiring competition.

As for Sales, we have seen interactive content make a huge impact in three big ways… three pillars, if you will.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing alignment starts with communication. At ion, it goes a little something like this: a monthly executive sync to focus on strategy; a monthly sync with Sales Operations, Sales Leadership, Marketing Operations and Marketing Leadership to discuss executional needs to make strategy happen; and a monthly Marketing sprint planning (actually conducted every three weeks) to discuss how executional tactics are coming along and hold everyone accountable and is attended by all of Marketing and our Sales Operations Manager.

It is wonderful to see Sales and Marketing teams meet in this manner, but what is Sales bringing to these marketing-focused meetings? The answer is insights. The question is where do these insights come from? And the answer is most commonly from the conversations Sales is having with prospects on the phone or in person… that is until interactive content comes into the picture. When Marketing sends interactive content out to our prospects, the users are providing a deeper level of insight than typically a PDF or static infographic can provide. At ion, we use interactive experience such as quizzes and assessments—experiences that provide real value to our audience and that surface what our prospects’ real-world situations are currently. Sales is also using the quizzes and assessments in their own outreach. By using these types of experiences, we can scale insights and come to Sales and Marketing meetings with valuable information and ideas gathered from the content we are using, not just the conversations we are having on the phone.

Maximize Value of Interactive Content

A recent study from SiriusDecisions shows that 70% of marketing content goes unused. In the webinar last week, I talked about how most of the content that Marketing produces is for top of the funnel, lead gen purposes. That is a big reason why Sales isn’t using the content marketing provides them. Where is the content that is going to help Sales team close deals? We’ll get to that in the next pillar. But let’s just say that the content Marketing produces is content Sales wants to actually use because it helps them close deals. How are they going to find it and how do they know what to send to prospects and when? Interactive content to the rescue! By creating self navigating experiences that allow salespeople to discover what content is going to be most relevant to their prospects, you will find that your content is used more and is providing real value to the prospects the Sales team is sending it to.

There are a lot of great tools out there for content discovery, but this is a simple way to help your Sales team find the right content to send to the right person at the right time.

Quicker Time to Revenue

When Marketing uses interactive content, they are surfacing valuable information to Sales. This information can show everything from what prospects’ biggest pain points or roadblocks are to what types of solutions they are configuring based on their needs. When a Sales team has access to this information, it allows them to reach out to buyers exactly where they’re at in their journey and have more valuable conversations. They can focus on what is important to the prospect, ask more valuable questions, and suggest solutions that are high impact and make it impossible to stay with the status quo.

Get your Sales team aligned with Marketing, using the content Marketing is creating, and closing more deals faster with interactive content. We go deeper into these three pillar in this webinar so check it out!

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