Transform your Sales Pitch Through the Use of Interactive Content

Let’s face it. We’re all in a rush and no one has the time to listen to you anymore. Ok ok, not to sound harsh, but your prospects now are well prepared with what they need to know long before they even speak with you. Forget the lengthy sales pitches and Powerpoint presentations when their eyes begin to gloss over like freshmen students in a 3-hour college course. Your prospects do the research to obtain the information they want; now they just want the information they need from you.

But as they browse your content and answer their own questions, how can you be sure to get the right content into their hands at the right time? How can you be on the same exact page when they do finally reach out? How can you answer the questions they’re looking to ask before they even get a chance to ask them?

That’s where interactive content can help your sales team avoid the lecture and use your online digital experiences to engage with your prospects.

Be Better Prepared

Interactive content allows the salesperson to be better prepared for a discussion than ever before. As the prospect moves through your digital interactive experiences, the data that is captured provides the salesperson with insights that otherwise would not be there. Through interactive content such as calculators and solution finders, the sales person knows exactly what the prospect’s needs are and even what their budget may be. There’s no “winging it” when using interactive content for sales enablement. The salesperson is able to carry on the personalization throughout the sales call or email from the data they received during the prospect’s engagement with your content.

A Conversation is a Two-Way Street; Avoid the Lecture

This insight allows the salesperson to make the conversation relevant. No longer do they need to go through that 50-slide presentation to cover every single point they feel is necessary. From the answers given in the interactive engagements, the salesperson can create a deeper, more meaningful conversation with the prospect, avoiding the glossy eyes and zoned out lecture. Through this, your sales team can create a sense of trust and encouragement for prospects, allowing them to feel understood and heard.

Build an Emotional Connection

Don’t let them forget you! About 80% of people retain or remember information when they actually participate or do something. As your prospects interact with your content, they’re retaining so much more than if it was to be spoken to them over a sales call. Through building this personal connection with your brand and allowing the salesperson to focus on the emotional aspects rather than the minuscule details that may not be relevant in the moment, you create a positive memory in the prospect’s mind that will follow your brand’s name throughout their buying process.

Interactive content has become essential for sales enablement, allowing your prospects to lead the way, and transforming your salesperson into a sales consultant that is trusted and looked to for advice. Avoid the sales lecture; let your interactive content do the talking for you.

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