The Ultimate Video Playbook

Video has always been an effective medium for brand storytelling. From TV commercials to product placement and sponsorships in shows, brands know that video engages the senses – and helps their brands make an impact on consumers.

While video has been a constant – and growing – presence in consumers’ media diet, what’s evolved is the way brands are using video to tell stories. Gone are the constraints of the :30 spot. YouTube and Vimeo provide an endless canvas for brands to tell their stories – through testimonials, demonstrations, and behind-the-scenes content of any length, in any amount, at any frequency. The internet’s lean-forward nature transforms video marketing from one-way communication into a two-way interaction between consumers and brands.

Through video, today’s consumers are brand ambassadors (Nature Valley), brand participants (Starbucks), and branded content creators in their own right (GoPro). Throw better connectivity on mobile devices and social media into the mix, and we see an explosion of shorter-form video, in the form of “micro-content” designed for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

In our free downloadable ebook, you’ll find best practices for using video in your content marketing strategy, examples of B2B and B2C brands who are doing it well, and tips and tricks to steal and make your own. Our expert creative team of producers, animators, scriptwriters, and art directors will unlock the mystery of storytelling through video, as well as how to create effective “Explainer” videos and Vines. We’ll also teach you how to create effective calls-to-action, how to ensure your video gets seen, and what metrics to track to measure your video campaign’s success.

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