Use Interactive Content to Create Sales & Marketing Alignment

Last month, we sponsored research with Demand Metric and presented the findings in a webinar, “The Truth About Digital Body Language.”

I was just reviewing the report itself, and a few findings jumped out at me.

Sales isn’t getting enough prospect insight

With the exception of contact and firmographic, most sales teams are not getting the data they want about prospects:

Richer, more meaningful prospect insight will yield higher close rates

While there is a wealth of ‘digital body language’ for sales—data such as pages viewed, emails clicked and files downloaded pushed into the CRM by marketing automation—it’s limited in context and usefulness.

Digital body language surfaced from marketing automation into the CRM tends to be noisy (an active prospect may be generating tens, or even hundreds, of signals and parsing out the key insights to help have a better sales conversation is next to impossible), open to interpretation (is a prospect who clicks the ‘getting started’ link really a hot lead? maybe, maybe not), and undifferentiated (every rep knows that an unqualified lead can generate a digital body language trail that looks frighteningly similar to a highly qualified, hot lead). 

What sales wants to receive about a prospect is a far richer lead profile, helping to illuminate potential needs, pains, challenges, readiness and fit. 78% of respondents indicate that access to this type of information would yield higher close rates: 

Marketers aren’t yet exploiting the opportunity for interactive content to help build richer prospect profiles & align with the sales team

And yet, few organizations are deploying the types of digital content experiences that would enable more meaningful prospect insights to be surfaced to sales—calculators, assessments, solution planners, quizzes, etc: 

There’s some big opportunity to bridge the gap between the content marketing is creating, the digital trail that it leaves behind, and surfacing it in a meaningful way for the sales team. 

Over the past few months, we’ve posted a lot of perspective on digital body language and the digital dialogue. You can check them out here:

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