We are Thrilled to Join the ScribbleLive Family

Here’s why now was the right time for ion interactive to be acquired by ScribbleLive.

Rather prophetically, in 1996 Bill Gates published his infamous “Content is king” essay* in which he proclaimed “those who succeed will propel the internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products — a marketplace of content.”

21 years later, global annual content marketing spending has far surpassed $40 billion, with some projecting that it will be a $300 billion industry by 2019. And there’s no hint of slowing down.

Entrepreneur said earlier this year that more than 75% of companies are leveraging content marketing to grow their business. According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers are creating at least one piece of content each day. Let that sink in a moment and then consider that 70% of marketers plan to create more content this year over last.

With this rising tide, content marketing has moved from an interesting, experimental tactic to a business-critical, strategic imperative. But with over 5,000 marketing technology vendors (and counting) and hundreds of point vendors in the content marketing category alone, to say this is fractured, confusing market for buyers is an understatement.

No single piece of content marketing can exist on it’s own. Content is not an isolated event. It’s a programmatic, ongoing investment of time, focus and budget that touches literally every aspect of an organization from sales to marketing to human resources to customer care.

And just like content is not an isolated initiative, we’ve long known that there is no interactive content without the actual content itself. There are no ongoing interactive content investments without an audience and measurement and business results that tie into the overall content program. Brands want, and need, comprehensive content marketing partners who can help drive real business results across the entirety of their content initiatives.

ScribbleLive has created a content experience platform that spans the wide, varied needs of modern content marketers — from planning, creation, distribution and insights. And now, with ion, interactive content as well. I believe the ability to secure best-of-breed content tools from a single partner, in a unified platform, is simply so much better for our customers.

Content is no longer about words and images; it’s about the entire experience across every touchpoint a brand has with all of its constituents. That level of visibility and importance requires vendors that can support the ongoing, evolving needs of marketers. ScribbleLive recognizes this reality and has created an amazing suite of tools to meet this demand. The first time I saw a demo of ScribbleLive’s planning tool and their Visually solution I thought to myself, “I could use these products right now, today, and they would solve so many problems for me and my customers.” It was a powerful moment for me to see the usefulness of ScribbleLive’s solutions and how quickly they could impact my own organization, let alone those of my customers. I had the same reaction as I saw the rest of their product offerings. If you know me, you know I am not about fluff — I favor real things that solve real problems.

ScribbleLive is the world’s leading content experience platform, helping over 1,200 brands manage the full lifecycle of their content. As part of ScribbleLive’s content experience platform, ion interactive gives marketers new capabilities and opportunities to manage interactive experiences. And in turn, ion is able to offer a full lifecycle of content solutions to it’s customers, expanding the value it can deliver with a more comprehensive set of products and services. And that’s a very good thing for all of us.

We’re excited about this next chapter for ion and further expanding our reach and our footprint with the support of ScribbleLive. We hope you are too!

*In an interesting piece of content marketing history, it is referred to as an “essay” because the term “blog” hadn’t yet been coined (having it’s roots in the 1997 term “Weblog” to denote the posting of articles, essays, and other collected thoughts).

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