We surprised a designer with an interactive content project. You won’t believe what happened next.

There we were in a marketing planning meeting last week, brainstorming ways to show you how fast and easy it is to take your interactive content from zero to launched using the ion platform. When suddenly it hit us. We could just actually show you.

So, we hatched a plan to surprise (a gentle word for ambush) one of our amazing designers, Katherine, with the task of building a brand spankin’ new piece of interactive content. Without any advanced notice at all. As in, “drop everything and build it on the spot”.

We pulled in our production manager and asked her to clear the calendar, wrote up a quick listicle, and grabbed the video camera.

We picked a listicle because we’d never built one before, we haven’t seen any interactive versions, and they are sooo crazy hot right now. Seriously, they are. There are websites dedicated to them. Go figure.

After we surprised her (By the way, in true Katherine fashion, she was cool, calm and collected. Not exactly the dramatic ambush moment we were hoping for, but we love her for her ‘roll with it’ approach to life), we set up a GoPro behind her and checked in periodically to see how she was feeling, and what she was up to.

Here’s her finished product:

And here’s the behind the scenes video capturing the ambush, the build and everything in between (even the cute Corgi paraphernalia on her desk).

And thanks Katherine for being the best sport and churning out crazy good content!

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