What Does it Take to Launch a Successful Interactive Content Marketing Program

Interactive content is, in a lot of ways, similar to traditional content marketing in that the more you know beforehand, the stronger and more effective your content will be at accomplishing your goals.

So, if you do decide that interactive content is for you and you are ready to launch your first experience, what are the steps you need to take first?


Examine Your Existing Content

If you’re reading this, I am going to assume you are a content marketer and you more than likely have a decent amount of content available to you. Are they blogs? White papers or eBooks? Whatever content you have, try looking at it with fresh eyes in order to pinpoint areas that could be reimagined with interactivity.

  • Do you ask the user questions throughout the content? Could those work as quiz or assessment questions?
  • Do you have special design treatment over a key stat or factoid? Reimagine that with animation or as a reveal tile.
  • What about a really robust section? Consider using tabbed content or a flow to break it up so that you can learn if users are actually engaged with it.


What Problem are you Hoping to Solve?

Every piece of content we create, whether static or interactive, should solve a problem. Whether it is an infographic that educates the user about a product or service or an assessment that displayed unique results based on the user’s pain points – everything needs to be intentional.

When you begin working on the interactive version of your content, consider what that content will accomplish for the user. What will they learn after they engage with it and what will their next step be? Most interactive content will take the user on a journey to the next piece of content – an infographic that works as a companion piece to a robust white paper or a solution finder that works in tandem with a landing page to encourage users to purchase a product that fits their needs.

Your content needs to solve a problem or else it will fall on deaf ears. When I sat down to write this blog I knew a few things – I knew that the reader would be someone who was interested in interactive content and had either just started creating it or was still just dipping their toe in the water. I knew that I was going to answer the “where to begin” question that all marketers have in the beginning of a new strategy.


This upcoming Wednesday I will be hosting a webinar with our Director of Customer Engagement on this very topic. We will be sharing tips on taking your static content and reimagining it as interactive and showing why now is the right time to begin your interactive content marketing journey.

To register, visit our landing page to learn more. We hope to see you there. 

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