What Should We Be Personalizing?

This was a difficult post to write. And I think I’m starting to understand more and more why marketers get overwhelmed with personalization. There. Is. So. Much. To. Personalize.

Or so I thought….

After two drafts and 2+ hours, I think we have something that can truly help you hone in on what to personalize in your marketing program AND add value to the visitor. These suggestions range from super easy and commonplace to the outrageous examples that require some tech.

So here it is.

Say My Name

Starting with the most basic and common personalization tactic, you can include your prospect or audience name in the messaging. This is a great way to make your page seem personal while not breaking the ‘resource bank.’ Most of the popular and marketing automation and web creation tools allow you to add dynamic fields that can be substituted. That said, the name personalization doesn’t have to stop with first and last name. Since you are capturing form data, you can also leverage title or position if you see it fit.

Welcome Back Messaging

Web pages, such as your main site or campaign specific experiences like landing pages and microsites, have a HUGE opportunity for personalization. The lowest hanging fruit will be name mentions like I said above, but you can also use web pages for a lot of unique touches. Here’s the list:

  • Give a quick “welcome back” message to a repeat visitor. It’s a small touch but sometimes it’s the small things that count.
  • Taking the welcome back message, a step further you can leverage progressive profiling. So, not only are you giving the personal touch on the page, but you’re acknowledging a repeat form fill and not wasting the visitors time. Two-fold value!


Use an assessment or small quizzes to understand what interests the audience and use this to make a better experience. At ion, we include mini questions throughout a lot of our experiences as a great way to leverage data for a better user experience. By including a quiz or assessment within your content, you can take out a lot of the guess work to personalization. So you understand:

  • Topics of interest
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Stage of buying

Then you can use this data for your content and for my last point in this blog post.

Topic Suggestions

This is one of the hottest and most valuable ways to personalize your content. In my past blog posts on personalization, I talk about the value of offering targeted content. It’s something large brands like Amazon do to drive more sales. The strategy behind this is to suggest content someone might be interested in or might compliment their research. You can do topic suggestions by using current topics or any of the information you gathered from using the practices I listed previously.

Overall, tailored content suggestions are an awesome tactic to let the audience know you’re paying attention and care.

A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit.

— Michael Kors

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