Where Can You Use Interactive Content Marketing?

 Anna Talerico, ion interactive's EVP and co-founder
Anna Talerico, ion interactive’s EVP and co-founder

Perhaps the better question is ‘where can’t you use it?’

Interactive content experiences are a great way to engage your audience across a wide variety of mediums, channels and contextual situations. But sometimes the question is what content experiences should be used in your various channels. What works best where?

When planning your content experiences, this chart can come in handy to help you determine what to leverage across your channels and marketing events:

Of course, these are just suggestions and guidelines. There are no hard and fast rules when launching interactive content. But you do want to consider what will be contextually relevant for the situation. For example, at a trade show, it would be easy to get a passerby to engage with a quick quiz or flip through a simple, beautiful lookbook, but it’s unlikely you will get them to stop and read an interactive white paper or even take a 20-question assessment. 

Conversely, someone who is clicking a paid search ad may be willing to spend more time with your content, and so will eagerly take an assessment in order to get a set of personalized recommendations if they feel it will help solve their challenges or provide value.

When it comes to any content or digital experience, context counts. And engaging is really a relative term. Consider the mindset of your visitor to serve up the most relevant, engaging type of experience.

In the past few weeks, we’ve posted a series of blogs on topics like this, including how mature your content marketing program is (to help you determine if interactive content can help solve your challenges), a matrix to determine how potentially valuable an interactive content experience might be, a matrix to help you determine the right level of effort to invest in it, and a chart to help map your interactive content marketing across the buyer’s journey. Combined, this series of blog posts provides you with a bit of a playbook to help you with strategy, planning and execution of your interactive content marketing initiatives. Let us know how things take shape for you!

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