Which ionian Grows the Best Stache? You Choose. Vote Now!

No we’re not late on the election train, don’t worry. This is our own election. For the best ionian stache.

This past month, ionians banded together to support a great cause: Movember. The Movember community has raised $559 million to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries It has widespread appeal and people really have fun with it while bringing attention to men’s health.

And while of course we love marketing apps, why wouldn’t we take this incredible cause and make it a chance to build a marketing app in support!?

If you checked out our blog post announcing the start of Movember, you’ll have caught something even more exciting about this little marketing app. It wasn’t build by coders. It wasn’t build by anyone with any technical expertise actually. It was built by two marketing girls with a passion for everything app-like… and everything stache-like. Seriously. No formal training. No knowledge of code. Just the ion platform.

Simple as that! Transforming the passion to join a cause into an interactive experience to bring attention to men’s health! Just like you can do with your very own static content. Make it educational, inspiring, engaging, AND interactive all in one.

Now it’s your turn to be a part of the action. Check it out for yourself!

The marketing app goes live today so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Share with everyone you know and have them vote. We want to know which ionian you think grew the best stache. Voting is open until December 10th when we announce the winner of the best stache right here on the blog. And please, if you’re in the giving mood, don’t forget to donate to the cause after you submit your choice for best Mo Bro and Mo Sista staches.

Thanks for a great Movember and for supporting the cause! Look out of the announcement of the winners next week!

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