Which Type of Interactive Content are You?

New Buzzfeed quiz!! What type of Parks and Rec character are you?

New Buzzfeed post! 15 things to do before you settle down!

New Buzzfeed poll! Which Leo Dicaprio movie is your favorite?

Hold up. Wait a minute. We are in the middle of a social Buzzfeed world. And why? Because people LOVE to talk about themselves. They love to learn about themselves. They love to see how others act compared to… well… themselves. It’s human nature to want to learn more about your own personality, your traits, your dislikes, your likes, and so on.

And when you throw some interactivity into the mix, the action is just off the charts. Buzzfeed is all over social media and it’s not because they only do funny (and addicting) quizzes.

It’s because they give you insight in return for your interaction.

So in typical ion fashion, we wanted to throw some insight your way and hope for your simple interaction. We love to guess each others’ favorite types of interactive content here at the ion offices and even do polls for the most creative versions of interactive content.

We thought… why not create a fun (and extremely simple) quiz to show you what type of interactive content fits your personality? Take a look below and click on the box that best describes who you are. You can find out not only what type of interactive content you may be, but how that interactive content can transform your static, passive material into engaging, lively, exciting content right in front of your eyes! So let the trend begin…

New ion quiz!! Which type of interactive content are YOU?!

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