Why Lead Quality Matters

From the marketing perspective it’s pretty simple. I don’t want the sales team coming at me upset about their leads.  

No, but really, I alluded to this in my first blog post on lead quality and it’s pretty simple. Your business, your sales team, your marketing team… whatever it may be, is a well-oiled machine. And accepting poor lead quality is like putting sand in your engine. It mucks up the works and slows everything down. Who wants that?  

So why is lead quality important? Let’s take a look at the past approach for lead generation and sales lead qualification. The “old skool” approach said, “A lead is a lead, all my landing pages work great at getting leads, and we’ll pass all these leads to sales. Since the more leads the better, I look like a rock star and sales will be so happy!” WRONG.

With this train of thought, we are leaving a lot of qualified leads (which equals money!) on the table. Your sales team is calling on anybody and everybody, and it’s leading to a lot of bad conversations that go nowhere. Your marketing team is creating content that isn’t really getting consumed or engaged with. All wasted time and $$$.

By not flipping the conversation to quality over quantity, we start to see problems like high churn, low customer engagement and failed sales efforts. You’re better than this, and we don’t want our marketing and sales to look like my friend gizmo below.

Instead, the modern marketer takes the approach of making “evergreen” content that is high quality. In order to keep the modern marketing system running, we have to keep the well-oiled machine moving at full steam. So the modern marketer will scrutinize their leads and push them through lead scoring and look at other fancy numbers like CPAL (cost per assigned lead), CPL (cost per leads) and CR (conversion rate). The modern marketer will go as far as aligning with sales and ensuring they are talking the right talk. All with the focus of understanding who is most engaged and most likely to start conversations, become opportunities and transform into customers. So we have a happy sales team, and everyone is on the same page and hitting their KPIs. 

So what am I trying to say in this blog post?

We need to wake up and care about the content we are feeding our leads and how they are consuming it. Like everything in life, the effort you put in directly relates to the results. The quality of your leads and content matters. Instead of making content for the sake of content, putting it behind forms and waiting for the leads to roll in, why not create experiences that engage and drive the quality leads that sales needs to win business? As an example, check out this value calculator. It’ll show you the value of having better content and how it can relate to better leads in the long run.

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