Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! WhichTestWon’s Silver Award Goes to this Digital Experience…

We recently had a Family Feud Fast Money moment here at ion interactive and we are so excited to celebrate it. You know when two members of your family have twenty seconds to answer five questions and hopefully guess the top answers to win a potential $20,000? And when they see the winning score, the whole family runs out and jumps up and down and screams out of excitement for them? Well, we provided a winning answer (although, unfortunately, no prize money of $20,000 here) and we most definitely celebrated!

The 2014 WhichTestWon winners were recently announced and as a family here at ion interactive couldn’t help but scream and jump up and down. We were thrilled when we heard that Anthem’s mobile campaign experience won WhichTestWon’s mobile test silver award!

Anthem saw their lead results increase 166% at a 95% confidence level with some bright and simplified changes to their mobile digital experience. We are so proud to have been a part of the building and testing process, with PPC traffic being split 50/50, pulling in leads from web forms, ‘click-to-calls’ and ‘Contact Customer Support’ options.

We wanted to share this win with you all so that you can see real-time tests that may have had simple changes but yielded big results in engagement!

Want to take the quiz and see if you can guess which version of Anthem’s mobile campaign experience won? Head on over to WhichTestWon’s site here and take your pick!

As well, feel free to watch the awards announcements here.

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