Yes, Interactive Content Can Help You Deliver A Great Customer Experience!

Amazing customer service has become a rare experience these days. Remember when you actually got to talk to a human on the phone when you were having an issue with something you purchased? Ahh those were the days. Now, it takes hitting the zero and pound button on your phone 20+ times before you get transferred to the operator, which even then is 90% of the time still a recording.

But then you come across those companies that have incredible customer service. Like mind-blowing incredible customer service. The type that makes you shout their praises from the rooftops (or from your desk chair on Twitter… which is actually the better option).

We all knows these companies. The ones we will never stray from and the ones we will tell all our friends about. But how can you be that company? It isn’t enough for their first impression with you to be incredible. It has to carry through the entire experience with your brand.

Brandon Sawalich from Starkey Hearing Technologies spent some time pinpointing exactly what he needed to do in order to keep his customers satisfied year round. After throwing a pretty banging expo for his customers with the likes of such influential people as former presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and closing out the expo with a concert by Brad Paisley, Sawalich had to keep the momentum going. I mean how could he possibly top that?! How could anyone? So he decided to narrow it down to five major guidelines in his article entitled Surprise, Delight… Then What?

So what do you need to do to be THAT company?

1. Listen: Best way to give your customers what they want is to listen to them. Give them the opportunity to speak up, and understand that constructive criticism is a good thing. If you listen to your customers and adapt to what they are looking for, you will be more likely to not only please them, but attract more of your audience as well. One way to listen and gather your online visitor’s thoughts is to give them a survey. Ask thoughtful questions and see where their pain points are. The amount of knowledge you can gather from a survey is never ending. And best part, your customers and online visitors will feel as if they are being heard and will know that their voice can make a change!

2. Engage: Create a conversation with your audience. Make it about them. If you ask questions, they will answer. If you give them engaging and interactive materials that are useful to them, they will keep coming back for more. Forget the days of static pdf white papers filled with information that your customers may need but will never read. Let them create their own story through an eBook filled with the information that is useful to them. Not only will you be helping your online visitors, but you will gain behavioral data as well to use when building your content strategy. Like this one!

3. Take initiative: Don’t wait for your customers to ask the questions. Be the best answer for them. Not sure how? Start with your blog. Learn what your visitors’ pain points are and be a source of knowledge for them. Put out quality content that helps your visitors. Whether they are a customer or not, the useful content you publish will bring your online visitors back for more and, if you’re helpful enough, your online visitors will form a trust with you that will most likely turn into a partnership.

4. Personalize: The competition on the web now is never ending. There are a million choices for a million different solutions. And each of your online visitors are overwhelmed. You have one chance to make the visitor feel like you are the solution for them. So why not make it personal? One good way is to offer a configurator. If you have a product or service that has multiple different customizable options, let the visitor build it for themselves. Looking for an example? You’ve most likely seen this type of personalized digital experience in the automobile industry, like this one from Lexus:

5. Get your employees onboard: Always follow the ‘practice what you preach’ mentality. Once you have the great customer experience instilled in the company, make sure your employees are onboard and ready to go above and beyond for customers. The best companies have employees that are more passionate about their product or service than their customers are. Build that passion and instill a sense of helpfulness within the company and you can be sure that your employees will pass that feeling on to your customers.


Sawalich makes some great points, and utilizing interactivity and engagement within your digital experiences will build an even stronger bond between your brand and your online visitors. So I’ll end with these words from Sawalich,

The bottom line is that although a big gesture or event can certainly provide a significant and positive customer experience, it’s only a few moments out of the year. The ‘little things’ that you do every day are what ensures that your customers get a consistent, high-quality experience—and keep coming back for more.

What are you doing to be THAT company? Feel free to give us some of your best practices within your online customer experience.

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