DHL: DHL Deploys Interactive Landing Pages Worldwide

Case Study

DHL Deploys Interactive Landing Pages Worldwide

DHL is an international leader in courier, express, and parcel delivery services. The company operates in over 220 countries and territories, and specializes in providing customers with customized transportation solutions from a single source.

The Challenge

DHL Express came to Ion Interactive with the need to manage and optimize hundreds of brand-consistent landing pages. With such a large brand presence across the globe, DHL needed a solution that would be scalable and easily adaptable to fit their brand guidelines.

The Strategy

When DHL first adopted the ion interactive platform in 2010 they deployed the software to marketing departments in fifty countries. Based on the results in those first fifty countries, they started rolling out the software to more areas where DHL has a presence.

DHL worked with Ion to create on-brand, visually engaging landing pages that educated users on their products and services, with personalized experiences for both personal and business shippers who ship internationally. Interactive elements within the experiences allowed DHL to easily track conversions and engagement.


Going from a very low conversion rate to as much as nine percent, now, has really made a difference in our ROI.
Rolf Inge Holden
Global Marketing Specialist, DHL

The Results

Today DHL has used Ion to create landing pages in over 220 countries and territories in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The DHL team utilized ion interactive’s A/B testing capabilities to further personalize and enhance the messaging of their campaigns.

Of his experience working with ion interactive, Global Marketing Specialist Rolf Inge Holden said, “Going from a very low conversion rate to as much as nine percent, now, has really made a difference in our ROI. Fifty countries are now working with the same tool, this means we have total visibility of results and can learn from each other, reusing the best demonstrative practices across the countries.

When managing a global brand such as DHL Express, brand consistency has always been important. Together with Ion Interactive, we’ve developed a set of DHL specific templates that gives us great flexibility, yet, ensures that consistency. Ion’s platform is a powerful tool for marketers in DHL, and we’ll be able to do things we’ve never done before.”

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