Native to Standard Integrations

With Rock Content you can leverage your existing marketing stack with our product integrations with marketing automation software, CRM platforms, CMS solutions, social media, and email service providers.

From native integrations with Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, Marketo, and Demandbase to standard integrations with social media and analytics platforms, our products share a wealth of explicit, descriptive, interactive content data with up and downstream technologies.

Partner Integrations

The secret to company growth is a strong integration strategy, leveraged by a robust API connected to integration platform ecosystems. Let us help empower your marketing technologies with seamless integrations. We can integrate in dozens of ways, but here are just a few that stand out to us:

ion interactive

Example Integrations

> ion interactive + Oracle Integration for Dell

Read on to discover how Dell utilized interactive content to create engaging user experiences.

> ion + Oracle Integration for the University of Colorado

Learn how the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus enhanced reach and engagement with interactive eBooks.


Eloqua REST API Integration

ion interactive’s native Eloqua REST API integration lets you tap the power of explicit data in Eloqua and lets you dynamically get Eloqua lead data for use in ion experiences.

Segment, score, target, and surface best bets in Eloqua based on ion interactive’s explicit buyer profiling data. Dynamically personalize content; pre-populate or shorten forms; and progressively profile buyers using real-time lead data from Eloqua. Eloqua and ion interactive are (way) better together.

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Marketo REST API Integration

As a Marketo Accelerate Partner, ion interactive’s native Marketo REST API integration is a seamless way to dynamically exchange value targeting, personalization, segmentation, and scoring data with Marketo.

Use explicit ion interactive data for scoring, nurturing, and surfacing in Marketo. With the Get Lead integration setup, use Marketo data to dynamically pre-populate or shorten ion interactive forms; personalize content; and progressively profile leads. When you put Marketo and ion together, 1+1 is far more than 2.

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> ion + Marketo Integration for Purchasing Power

Read to learn how Purchasing Power drove 4x e-commerce conversions with interactive content.

> ion + Marketo Integration for Fathom

Fathom found big 56% conversion rate gains.