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Why Should You Host with Rock Stage?

Combat Common Challenges

Common hosting platforms allow for familiar—and tiresome—challenges to arise. If you’ve experienced slow load times, a high dependence on IT staff, or a general lack of stability on your site—we’ve got you covered.

Optimize for Safety and Reliability

Our platform has been designed to become more secure as it is used. Our entire infrastructure is protected by international security systems, which analyze all traffic and prevent threats from reaching your website.

Increase Speed and Performance

As specialists who work exclusively with WordPress, we’ve optimized our platform to provide results that generic hosting can’t.

Rock Stage reduces the size of your images, leading to faster load times. Our professional caching services are also essential for a fast website that is optimized for search engines.

Support As You Need It

Our support team specializes in both marketing and WordPress. Rock Stage provides automatic backups of your site, as well as access to support via email, chat, or phone.

WordPress websites hosted on Rock Stage have a 35% average increase in performance.