ScribbleLive named Facebook Media Solutions Partner

Gains Enhanced Resources for Facebook and Instagram Content and Data

Toronto, Ontario – (Nov 3, 2015) – ScribbleLive, the leading content marketing platform powered by data science, today announced that it has joined the Facebook Media Solutions Partner Program. The Facebook Media Solutions Partner Program includes a select group of innovative companies which deliver market-leading tools and services to major media companies, sports leagues and teams and public figures. As a Facebook Media Solutions Partner, ScribbleLive gains access to extended Facebook and Instagram integration opportunities.

“Many of ScribbleLive’s global customer base of publishers and brands use the industry-leading social curation and publishing capabilities of our platform to create engaging digital content experiences. As the popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram continues to rise, the ability to incorporate content from these sources is extremely important for our customers,” said Divesh Sisodraker, EVP and Chief Product Officer at ScribbleLive. “We’re excited to join the Facebook Media Solutions Partner Program and look forward to providing our customers with even more ways to utilize Facebook and Instagram content and insights.”

With more than a billion people and millions of organizations around the world using Facebook, and a community of more than 400 million on Instagram, these platforms are where people go to discuss events and share reactions and opinions. Facebook and Instagram represent a huge source of content and data, which can be leveraged by publishers to enhance the overall experience they provide to their audience.

ScribbleLive uniquely combines the power of data science with a robust workflow technology platform to help inform clients’ content strategies and enable them to create, curate, distribute and measure the effectiveness of content across channels. As part of its open platform initiative, ScribbleLive is committed to partnering with leading content, data and distribution partners, such as Facebook, to offer clients a flexible yet powerful content marketing platform.


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