Be Found Online’s (BFO) is an international digital marketing agency that specializes in search, display, content marketing, social media, and analytics.

How did Rock Content Linkdex solve BFO’s challenges?

BFO wanted an SEO platform that could provide a robust set of organic search data while still showing the highlights for less “search savvy” clients. Linkdex has proven popular among a wide range of projects because of its ability to provide custom reports and insights to ensure clients’ success.

What areas of the platform were the most useful in solving those challenges?

Rank Reports

The ability to check rankings across a variety of search engines, devices and locations proved to be a valuable way to get true insights into how BFO was performing across a wide variety of variables. The ability to “pause” ranking configurations without losing data was essential to determine how clients’ sites were truly performing.


This was a great way for SEO teams to show clients the opportunity outside of the core group of keywords that were being tracked, as well as new keywords to target within upcoming content.

This tool also allowed BFO to easily show organic search performance against competitor domains, and quickly determine where they might need to focus SEO efforts to claim more search space.

How did BFO integrate Rock Content Linkdex into their client SEO strategies?

BFO’s team of SEO experts used the platform daily to check their performance against client goals, continuously looking for new opportunities to grow while getting immediate alerts for any drops in either rankings or traffic through the custom “alerts”.

This allowed them to proactively lead a large number of projects to SEO success while identifying negative changes before client sites experienced any sustained damage.

How was Rock Content Linkex data useful to clients?

Clients tended to care most about rank tracking so this was usually an important KPI.

However, by utilizing several features in Linkdex such as Dashboards and Reporting, BFO was able to show clients how ranking fluctuations happen, and that they aren’t the dominant KPI.  Instead, BFO was able to show them the correlation between ranking and traffic to illustrate how their site is truly performing.

How has using Rock Content Linkdex impacted client satisfaction?

Clients have been very happy with their SEO results. For example, with only a modest budget, BFO had a large retail client who increased organic traffic to their store location pages by 103% year-over-year over the course of 12 months.

As a result, the increased efficiency obtained by using Rock Content Linkdex enabled BFO to increase client budget towards SEO analysis.

How has Rock Content Linkdex enabled BFO to win more clients?

By combining BFO’s industry leading SEO expertise with the power of Rock Content Linkdex, BFO has continuously grown their client base.

Rock Content Linkdex has enabled BFO to find hyper-relevant SEO data to utilize as part of their pitch process. And given the speed in which they are able to access data within the platform, they can compile this data much more quickly than with other similar SEO solution.