Mashable’s Editorial Team wanted to create an engaging live blog experience for their audience, as well as enable editorial contributors to easily upload content in a timely manner.

They had tried using a variety of content publishing tools up to that point, but were still unsatisfied with the results they were seeing.

After comparing against three other vendor options, Mashable liked the experience of Rock Content Engage the most and decided to move forward with rolling it out to the Editorial Team. Jenni Ryall, VP of Content Strategy, recalls:

“It [Rock Content Engage] was the one that worked for us. With the way we were using it, we noticed that Rock Content Engage drove engagement.”

Mashable uses the technology to share content across a wide range of verticals and programs. Examples include real-time reporting and live blogging on weather events, such as the numerous hurricanes that took place last year and the solar eclipse. They’ve also used Rock Content Engage to report live on tech and entertainment events and product launches.

Jenni recalls how Rock Content Engage enabled her team to report on the launch of the Apple iPhone 6 in 2014:

“Apple debuted two new phones and a watch, and we were on the ground in Cupertino (California) for the launch. We had three people reporting from the ground and three from New York, and we did live coverage before, during, and after the official launch. It is our highest trafficked live blog to date, with an average engagement time of two minutes.”

Mashable also used Rock Content Engage to report globally on the launch of the iPhone 7. “That was a really great experience and showed the power of collaboration across our global teams,” she said.

Positive feedback from the Editorial Team

Since implementing Rock Content Engage 4 years ago, Jenni’s team has continually evaluated Mashable’s live blog coverage, and has been very happy with the tool’s ease of use and enabling the sharing of content in an immediate way:

“Our audience really wants to know what’s happening the second it happens and Rock Content Engage lets us tell those stories. It also allows us to create all the content we would normally house on social media. Overall, it’s a really great user experience. ”

Advice to other digital content marketers:

For any company that’s trying to determine which content curation and live blogging technology is best for them, Jenni provides some guidance based on her experience:

“Look at the ease of use. Look at the way you can collaborate in a system. I think Rock Content Engage is really great for collaboration: it lets multiple editors be on the platform at once adding photos, changing the copy, adding blurbs, dragging in social posts…whatever they need to do. We really love that. And looking at the engagement that you see from using a platform like this is really important, too.”