2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the iconic Morton Salt girl. “We wanted to celebrate the Morton Salt girl and her connection to people’s homes and lives over the last 100 years, as well as a broader presentation of our product portfolio,” said Harrison Dobe, Manager of Digital Strategy and Social Media for Morton Salt.

“I always loved going to Visually to view infographic content and see what was being created in the Marketplace, but never had the opportunity to work with them,” Dobe explained.


“Once we understood the level of quality we could achieve, and how affordable producing a video with Rock Content Visually is, creating a visually stunning, engaging video was a no-brainer,” said Dobe.

The Visually team crafted a storyline that brought the Morton Salt girl through the past century, showing the evolution from her origins to her relevance in pop culture today. “The video we created with Visually tells a story. It connects viewers with the brand through great imagery, music, and emotion, but it also informs the viewer that we’re much more than just table salt.”


Dobe found the creative process engaging and smooth, and the Visually talent top-notch: “We had an amazing video designer and scriptwriter who consistently delivered great work. It was a very collaborative, pleasurable process,” Dobe said.


The video was showcased at numerous real-world events celebrating the 100th Birthday of the Morton Salt Girl, including company-wide meetings, the IFT14 trade show, and Morton Salt’s all-day birthday party outside its headquarters in downtown Chicago. In addition, the video has garnered more than 15,000 organic views even though Morton put no paid media behind promoting it.

“We have received a lot of great praise for the video and see it as a piece that can live beyond the 100th birthday of the Morton Salt Girl,” Dobe said. “Visually is facilitating unprecedented access to designers, copywriters, and other creatives to develop effective content in a concise and efficient manner for a fraction of the time and cost. Brands no longer have to rely solely on a creative agency of record for all their content needs… [what] Visually has developed gives brands like Morton Salt another tool in the arsenal to produce professional and highly engaging content with a very quick turnaround time.”