Strengthen the value and return on your events
with pre-, during, and post-live event solutions.

Producing high-quality events requires marketing leaders to consider the event content, audience participation, critical pre-event activities, live event digital experience, and post-event engagement strategies.

Boost your live event experience, from pre-event social promotion and hype to post-event content recaps that consider every aspect of audience engagement.


Engage Your Audience Pre-Event

Progressive marketers know that successful live events require a pre-event engagement strategy in which attendees can learn about the event and the value they will receive, and subsequently register.

Increasingly, audiences are also remote and virtual; they expect the same value despite not participating in-person. For the brand, they need to understand what its attendees and potential attendees are drawn to about the event, to help inform adjustments and additional planning ahead of the kick-off.

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Encourage Attendee Participation

While live, provide attendees with the opportunity to digitally engage and participate during the event, track event topics, share their opinions, and post user-generated content. Giving attendees this capability is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but an expectation.

Meet your audience where they are and provide them with all the tools they need to be an active participant in your event—whether they’re remote or experiencing your event in person.

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Make a Lasting Impression

Just because an event ends, doesn’t mean there’s an end to audience engagement. Audiences expect access to post-event resources, forums, and highlights. For the brand, this provides an important forum and touchpoint to retain their interest, gather feedback data, and strengthen the bond they will have with your brand.

Cement those bonds with your audience by curating Q&A sessions, sharing user-generated content, and crafting event summaries with “best of” photos, videos, and social posts.

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