Inspire employee participation that fosters
retention and advocacy.

In order for teams to be successful, employees need to feel that they are part of a community, receive constructive feedback, and have insight into organizational objectives.

Nurture employee engagement through the creation of a culture that allows staff to proactively and passionately add individual value while aligning with company goals.


Foster a Community

Fostering a community of happy and engaged employees should be a top priority for any organization.

When employees feel empowered by resources and opportunities they have and the mission they are supporting, they become motivated to perform their best work.

By turning events like quarterly business reviews, shareholder meetings, and town halls, into more dynamic, digital experiences, you will foster employee engagement, retention, and advocacy.

Give and Receive Employee Feedback

Consider implementing employee engagement surveys that give employees a space to voice their concerns and their positive remarks. Creating a consistent cycle of feedback, both for the employee and the organization itself, ensures that the community will thrive.

To ensure consistent communication, you can also build a digital library of resources that gives in-office and remote workers easy access to company goals and information.


50% of Employees Work Remotely in North America

With half of North America’s employees working remotely, special care must be taken in developing company culture through digital experiences that bring remote and onsite teams together.

Company events like town halls or all-hands meetings have the potential to transform into highly engaging experiences for everyone involved. By adding Q&A capabilities or live blogging into your event experience, you’ll improve connections with remote employees and encourage participation.

Watch our webinar on employee advocacy to learn more.